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Neanderthal artists made oldest-known cave paintings

As they expected, the inner samples closest to the Skip Trace art yielded the oldest dates, and the outer samples had younger dates because they would have been later layers of precipitate. “We can’t think of any processes that would re-crystalize the calcite and still keep them in stratigraphic order,” Pike says. The researchers waited three years to publish their results after finding their first clearly pre-human date so they could collect multiple examples and publish their methodology. Some archaeologists, however, remain unconvinced. “In my opinion, we have to be cautious with these ‘quite old’ results until we have a much larger corpus of dating results,” says Roberto Ontañón Peredo, an archaeologist at the Prehistory and Archaeology Museum of Cantabria in Santander, Spain. “We have to keep a cool head.” Pike suggests that such reluctance to believe that Neanderthals were creating cave art may have less to do with methodological disputes than plain old species-ism. “People are very prejudiced against Neanderthals,” he says. Paola Villa, an archaeologist who studies Neanderthal culture at the University of Colorado Boulder, says that Neanderthals have an undeserved reputation as moronic brutes. She says that since their bodies were “archaic” in the sense of having features of older hominids — such as heavier bones and pronounced brow ridges — everyone assumed they were “behaviourally archaic” as well. “They were stereotyped as knuckle-dragging dimwits,” she says.

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